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board game design

This project incapsulates the games my family play at Christmas time.

The tradition of these games goes back a long way in our family. I am aware that some of these games have been played by my grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents! Christmas has always been a time for big family gatherings. Many of my ancestors were born in South London from traditional working-class backgrounds where money was scarce, and they had very little to amuse themselves. When it came to Christmas all the family would gather and play games to bond as a family unit and to ensure laughter prevailed considering how tough life was for many of them. One of my great grandfathers shared double bed with 5 other brothers! With little money they could not afford to buy expensive games but instead used everyday objects to create the wacky and funning games you see before you. The families were large back then and many of these games were designed for large groups of people. Some can be played with smaller groups but the more the merrier. 


This tradition had been passed down from generation to generation all the way down to me and my brother. The games have been adapted, new games added, and some have stayed the same through each year we play it. As our families got smaller our Christmas group has stayed larger by inviting many friends over to join us.  Many of these games have now been adopted by many of our friends too and their laughter still rings in my ears.


This collection of items no matter how different and weird some may be, hold a very special place in my heart. The great thing about these games is they need little or no items to play – just a community of friends, family or even strangers.

back of board game.jpg
boardgame copy.jpg
digital verson.jpg
First design of board game 
Experimenting with instruction manual design
Final board game design.
coloured third.jpg
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